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Emergency Preparedness

  • 2 Person Emergency Survival Kit / 3 Days

    This kit has everything - food, water and even space for personal articles. Carrying case, disposable flashlight, emergency blankets, food rations, instant cold pack, wallace Guidebook, water rations, AM/FM radio with batteries, towelettes, adhesive...

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  • 2 Quart Striped Desert Canteen

    Rothco’s 2 Quart Striped Desert Canteen Is Made With A Sturdy Plastic / Polyethylene Inner Body And A Tinplate Outer Body The Outside Fabric Cover Is Made With A Soft Terylene And Acrylic Material This BPA Free Canteen Is A Safe And Perfect...

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  • Deluxe Map Compass

      Rothco’s Map Compass is two tools in one!  Built with multiple ruler measurements, this survival compass can measure where you are on a map and guide you to your next destination when used in conjunction with the map’s scale...

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    Emergency preparedness doesn't have to cost a fortune. Our economy earthquake survival kit has all of the essentials for surviving the aftermath of an earthquake or other natural disaster, including food & purified water, simple first aid...

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  • Emergency Food Bars

    Each of these S.O.S. Survival food bars provide 3600 calories, which is up to a three day supply of calories. These have a five year extended shelf life and are U.S. Coast Guard approved, so you know they will always be ready to go whenever you are...

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  • First Aid ''N Travel Kit

    A small, complete "Travel Unit" for the person On-The-Go! Perfect for an attache case, purse, or travel bag. This kit is the only one of its kind to include a 4 oz. sterile sachet of water with a 5 year shelf life. Contents: 1 soft carrying...

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    Dig up or out of anything with this pick shovel. This versatile combination shovel and pick is made from tempered forged steel and a hardwood handle. The tempered steel collar will lock the blade or pick into position.    G.I...

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