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Emergency Preparedness


    Emergency preparedness doesn't have to cost a fortune. Our economy earthquake survival kit has all of the essentials for surviving the aftermath of an earthquake or other natural disaster, including food & purified water, simple first aid...

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  • Emergency Food Bars

    Each of these S.O.S. Survival food bars provide 3600 calories, which is up to a three day supply of calories. These have a five year extended shelf life and are U.S. Coast Guard approved, so you know they will always be ready to go whenever you are...

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  • First Response Pouch

    The Condor FRP was designed as a mountable personal first aid kit for soldiers and operators in the field. The loop-lined, surface buckle flap allows quick access/closure without hassle. The rip away panel allows quick transfers for emergency situations...

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    Dig up or out of anything with this pick shovel. This versatile combination shovel and pick is made from tempered forged steel and a hardwood handle. The tempered steel collar will lock the blade or pick into position.    G.I...

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  • Kerosene Hurricane Lantern

    Nothing compares to the soft light and rustic charm of a kerosene lantern. There is a reason that this product is still around; it works! Our lantern is durable and simple, with a large glass globe and a fully adjustable wick. This larger lantern...

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  • Nebo® CSI EDGE 90®

    The EDGE™90 is a compact high-intensity tactical flashlight. Constructed of anodized aircraft grade aluminum, The EDGE™ outputs 90 lumens with 1 powerful LED. The water-resistant body design also features a steel clip to keep this...

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