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About Doughboys Surplus

About Doughboys Surplus

Apr 24th 2020

Doughboys Surplus wants you to know:

We stock a wide variety of interesting items and, having an independent, family operation, are not bound by usual corporate attitude. For instance, we don't completely change our brand line of clothing for the seasons. If your traveling for work or on vacation you can still buy thermal underwear, arctic socks, pea coats etc in the middle of the summer. Same for snow gear, gloves, beanies etc... If you want shorts or tees or Hawaiian shirts in January, no problem. Military gear, be it camouflage netting or BDUs & ACUs also, always in stock, both summer and winter weights.

We have lots of private companies and government agency customers. Many times we will get a huge order that must be special ordered. Generally we can get almost anything in a week to 10 days and most things even faster. This goes for small obscure orders as well.

Be it campingarmy surplus, work wear, rain gear and high visibility safety gear, casual clothing, Levi'sDickiesCarharttshoes and boots or Big & Tall, give us a call, we have it all!